UAB “REBORDA” - for a clean environment!


 UAB “REBORDA” selling trucks spare parts, their activities inevitably faces with packaging waste. Coming from foreign suppliers of parts packed in cardboard boxes and placed on the packaging of transport - wooden pallets. Sold in small quantities parts are put in a plastic bag. We have a very responsible approach to the environment that surrounds us.


We work with waste management company in Klaipėdoje UAB „Ecoservice Klaipėda“. We We collect and sort our waste. We handle our sorted waste to our waste management partner, that cooperates with waste recycle companies, that gives our waste another “life”


We welcome all the customers to love our environment , to live among green trees and meadow. And we need to do so little for that:

- Look after our wastes;

- Try using products that has longer life term;

- Try to recycle waste for second life.





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